Announcing Code + Brews: kick-off event


Announcing Code + Brews: kick-off event
An inclusive, informal, co-working session for Milwaukee's developer community.

Milwaukee, WI - CODE + BREWS: kick-off event will be taking place, Saturday, March 9th. CODE + BREWS is an inclusive, informal, co-working session for Milwaukee's developer community. People of all skill levels are invited. The concept is simple, bring a laptop and ideas, we'll provide the coffee and tea (in the morning) or beer for future gatherings in the evenings. Skills Pipeline is a proud sponsor of the CODE + BREWS event series!

Here is how it will work:

  1. At 9:15 everyone introduces themselves and briefly describes what brought them to CODE + BREWS today (projects, homework, networking, etc).

  2. For the rest of the day, folks work in the communal space on their projects providing one another help and conversation as needed. Oh and they usually drink coffee and tea too!

Announcing Meet the Meetups: Milwaukee’s First All Tech Meetup

Meet The Meetups

Announcing Meet the Meetups: Milwaukee’s First All Tech Meetup
23 tech Meetup groups with 16,000+ members collaborating on inaugural event

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, May 14th at Radio Milwaukee, the inaugural Meet the Meetups event will bring together 23 of the community’s top technology Meetup groups for a night filled with tech talks, pizza, craft beer, live music, door prizes and more. The goal is to celebrate Milwaukee’s tech community and build more connectivity between techies in the region.

The 23 collaborating Meetup groups cover various technology topics, ranging from software development programming languages to emerging areas of technology such as Data Science, Machine Learning and Cloud Hosting. Combined, these groups have over 16,000 members in the region. This will be the first time all of these groups have collaborated on a large-scale community-building event.

“Tech meetups play an important role in the professional development of the talent within our tech ecosystem,” said Matt Cordio, who is organizing the event. “Meet the Meetups is intended to raise awareness of Southeast Wisconsin’s tech meetup groups and better network the broader tech community here in our region.”

The program will feature tech talks from various community leaders:

  • Josh Gall, Director of Marketing Technology at Aurora Health Care, who played a critical role in Aurora’s partnership with Microsoft on the development of an Artificial Intelligence powered ChatBot.

  • Ray Cole, Chief Technology Officer at Delta Defense, who is helping the fast-growing Inc 5000 company grow and scale their technology team.

  • David Vasko, Director of Advanced Technology at Rockwell Automation, who leads the company’s applied research labs

  • Dr. Derek Riley, Associate Professor and Program Director of Computer Science at MSOE. MSOE’s Computer Science program will have a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Joni Theobald, Program Director for TechHire at UMOS, Inc., a federally backed program that is training new tech workers in metro Milwaukee.

  • Shion Guha, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Marquette University, who is helping build the university’s data science and analytics programs.

  • Caroline Hardin, Regional Manager for Southern Wisconsin at TEALSK12, a Microsoft backed Computer Science education program

  • Each meetup group organizer will give a 60-second speed pitch on the mission of their respective meetup group

  • More speakers will be announced leading up to the event

Meet the Meetups is free and open to the public. The event is being supported by some of the region’s top technology employers, including Aurora Health Care, Delta Defense and Northwestern Mutual. Other key sponsors of the event include Mars Solutions Group, Skills Pipeline, TechHire Milwaukee and Trisept Solutions.

The 23 Participating Meetup Groups include: AWS Milwaukee, Azure Meetup, Big Data MKE, Brew City UX, devcodecamp, Docker Milwaukee, FinTech Wisconsin, Girl Develop It Milwaukee, Greater MKE Java Meetup, Laravel MKE, Milwaukee Agile, Milwaukee JS, Milwaukee Machine Learning, MKE Functional Programming, MKE PHP, MKE Search, ReactJS Wisconsin, Salesforce Saturday, Startup Milwaukee, Web414, Wisconsin Salesforce Developer Group, Wisconsin Dot Net User Group and Women in Big Data’s Midwest Chapter.

Skills Pipeline, Startup Milwaukee Launches New Event Series Focused on Building Southeast Wisconsin's Tech Community

Code + Craft Brews will provide a forum for the region's technology leaders and talent to exchange ideas on how to build the region's tech economy. 

Milwaukee, WI - Startup Milwaukee hopes to help build and strengthen the local tech community with their Code + Craft Brews quarterly event series. 

Code + Craft Brews will highlight local technology leaders who are having a significant impact in their organization as well as the broader the tech community in Southeast Wisconsin. Code + Craft Brews will provide a forum for executives and technologists to share best practices on attracting, retaining and managing tech talent. 

"Milwaukee already has several amazing events that focus on helping the tech community share best practices around specific technologies" said Matt Cordio, Founder & President of Startup Milwaukee & Skills Pipeline. "Our goal with Code + Craft Brews is to convene technologists, tech executives and community leaders to discuss how to attract and retain technology talent in the region." 

The first Code + Craft Brews event will be hosted at Good City Brewing's new "Good City Hall" event space. The event will feature a fireside chat with Emilia Sherifova, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Engineering at Northwestern Mutual. Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual Sherifova was CTO of LearnVest a financial planning startup acquired by Northwestern Mutual in 2015. 

Sherifova will discuss her role in Northwestern Mutual's digital transformation and her experiences building and leading technology teams at startups and large enterprises.

Code + Craft Brews events are free and open to the public. Software Engineers, Technology Company Executives and community leaders are encouraged to attend.

Register now, space is limited.


Startup Milwaukee is building and networking Southeast Wisconsin's high-growth startup community. Learn more about our Startup Milwaukee at

Skills Pipeline helps companies grow through helping them access the top digital talent in the Midwest. We help technology professionals grow by helping them find meaningful work opportunities. To learn more about Skills Pipeline visit,

Employer Branding Explained

By Michael Cordio, Skills Pipeline

Employer Branding is becoming increasingly important due to many different factors. Currently there are skills shortages in many industries technology, medical and manufacturing are some examples. Some employees in these fields are receiving messages about open positions from recruiters on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. People with multiple positions available to them most likely will only consider the companies that show the work environment and benefits offered and chose the company whose work environment and benefits align the best with their values. This is why companies are getting more competitive with their employer branding efforts.

  • An Employer Brand is the way that employees, prospective employees and the general public view a company as an employer.
  • An Employer Value Proposition is what value employees get from working at the company such as benefits, perks, work environment, flexible scheduling and competitive salaries.
  • Employer Branding is the act of defining, creating and then promoting the employer brand and employer value proposition in effort to attract top talent to a particular company.

There is no one size fits all Employer Brand. Perks and benefits that sound great to one person may seem irrelevant to another person. There are many ways that companies can go about defining and improving their employer brand and promote themselves as an employer of choice. Something very important to consider is the type of positions the company is hiring for and the personality and values that people in those positions often have, that way you can find out what type of benefits and perks you should try using to cater to prospective employees.

For example: 

  • When trying to attract younger talent starting off their careers you may want to promote the following perks: flexible scheduling, the opportunity to work remotely and comfortable work spaces.
  • If trying to attract talent in the mid-stages of their careers you may want to place more emphasis on flexibility having to deal with kid’s schedules, work and life balance, family insurance benefits, vacation days and retirement benefits.
  • Someone closer to retirement may be more interested in additional retirement and insurance benefits. They also may prefer more traditional office environments as opposed to open work spaces which are growing in popularity with companies attempting to attract younger talent and minimize office costs.

Skills Pipeline offers many employer branding service options that can be packaged with or ordered separately from our talent scouting services. Skills Pipeline’s employer branding service offerings include:

  • Retained talent recruitment
  • Employer brand messaging
  • Recruitment social media management
  • Employer brand storytelling
  • And more

Michael Cordio is an  Employer Branding Consultant and Digital Talent Scout at Skills Pipeline. For more information on our services please contact Michael Cordio at or 262-894-3640.

Skills Pipeline to Offer Top Talent Free Travel to Milwaukee Startup Week

Top talent from around the Midwest is invited to apply for free travel vouchers to attend Milwaukee Startup Week, November 1st through 6th, 2016. The travel program is being sponsored by Skills Pipeline.

Milwaukee Startup Week will feature over 20 unique events hosted by various entrepreneurial organizations from around Southeast Wisconsin. The goals of the week are to help better connect Milwaukee's emerging technology startup community and help it build momentum. 

Matt Cordio, founder of Skills Pipeline a recruiting agency that works with startups and growth-focused technology and creative companies to identify top talent is the brainchild of this program. Cordio is also founder of Startup Milwaukee the organization that is organizing Southeast Wisconsin’s first annual Milwaukee Startup Week event.

Skills Pipeline hopes the program will help area startups and growth-focused companies attract professionals with varied backgrounds including, software engineering, project management, sales and marketing.

“We are looking for talented individuals who are curious about career opportunities that are here for them in Southeast Wisconsin, who are looking for career or location changes," Cordio said. “We believe that the technology industry here in Southeast Wisconsin is growing and offers top talent amazing career opportunities paired with the many amenities of living here in the Milwaukee metro area.”

Skills Pipeline is specifically targeting this program to attract top talent from other Midwest technology hubs including Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis / St. Paul. 

Talent from around the Midwest can apply for the program here. Once you apply we'll contact you for a short interview. If selected to participate, Skills Pipeline will attempt to match you with interview opportunities at local startups and growth-focused companies while you are in town. 

Companies interested in accessing the talent coming to Milwaukee for the inaugural Milwaukee Startup Week events should contact Matt Cordio directly, or 262-894-9535. 

Optimizing Your Social Media Presence to Advance Your Career

As technology companies in the Milwaukee area continue to grow and thrive, now is a great time to find a new job. Here are some useful tips for using social media to gain a competitive edge over other technology professionals as you search for opportunities to advance your career:

Share Industry News Often
Use social media to share industry news relevant to the industry you work in or are interested in. Sharing articles on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter make your connections and recruiters aware that you are knowledgeable and passionate about your craft and you keep up to date with industry trends. Try to share a few articles per week on social media.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Current
Make sure you keep your information up-to-date regarding your employment status, skills and experience on LinkedIn. If you have social media accounts you no longer use I suggest writing a sentence or two explaining that you are no longer using that account, but you are using other social media channels then provide links at the end so people can easily find your other social media profiles.

Share Links to Your Other Social Profiles & Portfolio Sites
Providing links to all of your other social media profiles and portfolio of work is useful to recruiters especially if you have a common name. A link to a Twitter profile that you use to ‘share industry news’ can provide recruiters insight on what your interest level might be for a position.  If you have a website with examples of your work whether you are a software developer, graphic designer, etc. links to work examples are helpful for recruiters to prove you have credentials for the position they are looking to fill.

Now, log-on to your social media sites and get optimized! If you have questions or are looking for new career opportunities connect with me on LinkedIn


Michael Cordio is a Digital Talent Scout at Skills Pipeline, a Wisconsin-based digital talent agency that works with high-growth companies hunting for top technology talent, email him at  

Skills Pipeline is always hiring, check out our open job opportunities!