Employer Branding Explained

By Michael Cordio, Skills Pipeline

Employer Branding is becoming increasingly important due to many different factors. Currently there are skills shortages in many industries technology, medical and manufacturing are some examples. Some employees in these fields are receiving messages about open positions from recruiters on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. People with multiple positions available to them most likely will only consider the companies that show the work environment and benefits offered and chose the company whose work environment and benefits align the best with their values. This is why companies are getting more competitive with their employer branding efforts.

  • An Employer Brand is the way that employees, prospective employees and the general public view a company as an employer.
  • An Employer Value Proposition is what value employees get from working at the company such as benefits, perks, work environment, flexible scheduling and competitive salaries.
  • Employer Branding is the act of defining, creating and then promoting the employer brand and employer value proposition in effort to attract top talent to a particular company.

There is no one size fits all Employer Brand. Perks and benefits that sound great to one person may seem irrelevant to another person. There are many ways that companies can go about defining and improving their employer brand and promote themselves as an employer of choice. Something very important to consider is the type of positions the company is hiring for and the personality and values that people in those positions often have, that way you can find out what type of benefits and perks you should try using to cater to prospective employees.

For example: 

  • When trying to attract younger talent starting off their careers you may want to promote the following perks: flexible scheduling, the opportunity to work remotely and comfortable work spaces.
  • If trying to attract talent in the mid-stages of their careers you may want to place more emphasis on flexibility having to deal with kid’s schedules, work and life balance, family insurance benefits, vacation days and retirement benefits.
  • Someone closer to retirement may be more interested in additional retirement and insurance benefits. They also may prefer more traditional office environments as opposed to open work spaces which are growing in popularity with companies attempting to attract younger talent and minimize office costs.

Skills Pipeline offers many employer branding service options that can be packaged with or ordered separately from our talent scouting services. Skills Pipeline’s employer branding service offerings include:

  • Retained talent recruitment
  • Employer brand messaging
  • Recruitment social media management
  • Employer brand storytelling
  • And more

Michael Cordio is an  Employer Branding Consultant and Digital Talent Scout at Skills Pipeline. For more information on our services please contact Michael Cordio at michael@skillspipeline.com or 262-894-3640.