Senior Backend Developer

Location: West Bend, WI
Type: Full-Time, Permanent

Our client in the service industry is experiencing a lot of growth and is in need of a Senior Backend Developer. The IT and development team manage the entire application lifecycle of the business from front to back. The daily work is an exciting blend of custom internal web application development and enterprise solution integration. Building solutions for users and many different internal departments: Sales and Marketing team, Member Services team, and Content Team just to name a few.

With so many unique internal and external customers to satisfy, we have a wide range of exposure to different problems that need solving. This isn’t rinse and repeat development. Company leadership inspires teams to grow and evolve professionally and personally, and we thrive on testing new ideas. This allows us to move quickly and seize exciting opportunities, building solutions using the frameworks, tools, and technologies that best meet the task at hand.

As a fast-growing company with wide-ranging digital offerings, there are opportunities everywhere. Our team moves to capitalize and innovate on these opportunities in a fast-moving and positive, collaborative culture that empowers individuals and teams to bring their ideas to life. The Senior Backend Developer sets the standard in development practices related to the backend, and serve as a key technology visionary and leader to the development team at large.



  • Design, build, and maintain applications, APIs, and systems for internal and external users at a large scale.
  • Work to continually improve our processes, tools, standards, and team.
  • Debug complicated issues in production that touch many services.
  • Hold yourself and others to the highest of standards. Especially when working on production.

Skills/Abilities and Education Requirements:

  • Cool under pressure.
  • Time management and reliability. (able to accurately predict turnaround time on projects and deliver on those timelines)
  • Can integrate with different services even if you’ve never used them before to create a great experience.
  • Enjoy working across our full stack to solve problems that delight users. We use PHP and Laravel. We understand languages and frameworks can be learned, so we care more about your general software development skill than knowledge of PHP.
  • Bring solutions to the table in an environment with diverse stakeholders. One week you might be working on a difficult report or data validation issue and the next a brand new internal application for a Sales & Marketing team related to landing pages.
  • Drive projects forward and tear down blockers for yourself and your team.
  • Familiarity with Salesforce and Zuora is a huge plus.
  • Must have 2 to 4 years experience in a similar role


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