Frontend Developer

Location: West Bend, WI
Type: Full-Time, Permanent

A client of Skills Pipeline’s in the e-commerce industry is growing and is in need of a Frontend Developer. The daily work is an exciting blend of custom internal web application development and enterprise solution integration. Building solutions for users and many different internal departments: Sales and Marketing team, Member Services team, and Content Team just to name a few.

With so many unique internal and external customers to satisfy, there is a wide range of exposure to different problems that need solving. This isn’t rinse and repeat development. Company leadership inspires teams to grow and evolve professionally and personally, and we thrive on testing new ideas. This allows us to move quickly and seize exciting opportunities, building solutions using the frameworks, tools, and technologies that best meet the task at hand and provides a great opportunity for gain experience.

As a fast-growing company with wide-ranging digital offerings, there are opportunities everywhere. The team moves to capitalize and innovate on these opportunities in a fast-moving and positive, collaborative culture that empowers individuals and teams to bring their ideas to life.


  • Develop web applications with a combination of languages/frameworks appropriate for the task at hand.

  • Recommend workflow and system changes/enhancements.

  • Mobile-first design. (Bootstrap)

  • Applications work in all supported desktop browsers as well as mobile browsers.

  • Write documentation (both formal and “inline”), often aimed at developers, and sometimes aimed at end users.

Skills/Abilities and Education Requirements:

  • Experience building medium to large, dynamic web applications using modern JavaScript design patterns and tools.

  • Knowledge of web application design patterns.

  • Experience with a major JavaScript framework. (Angular, Vue, Ember, Backbone, etc.)

  • Understanding of asynchronous design patterns.

  • Experience with JavaScript module loading (RequireJS, Browserify, Webpack)

  • Familiarity with CMS-assisted development.

  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively to meet deadlines.

  • Knowledge of version control. (Git)

  • Knowledge of development and workflow tools: npm, Grunt/Gulp, comfortable on the command line, debugging.

  • Adaptability (able to learn new libraries/frameworks and adapt to existing codebases)

  • Analytical thinker with strong problem solving skills.

  • Cool under pressure.

  • Time management and reliability. (able to accurately predict turnaround time on projects and deliver on those timelines)


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