Frontend Developer

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Type: Full-Time, Permanent Position

Join a highly engaged and supportive team of developers who will not only challenge you to grow, but actively leverage your expertise on how to blow our clients expectations out of the water. Whether it be creating an engaging interactive experience, well optimized landing page, thoughtfully refactoring code, improving accessibility or developing a custom web application you will have a direct impact on what we create and its ultimate success. The variety of projects and challenges our clients bring will provide you with opportunities to try new things and round out your skillset. We embrace the fast paced changes in the frontend space and innovate on our past experiences to continually evolve as a team.

Your Mission

  • Take PSDs from design team to develop from

  • Create and maintain npm, node, gulp and webpack builds

  • Write JavaScript in both ES5 & ES6 standards following project design patterns

  • Work in SASS, Less or CSS following design patterns (typically BEM)

  • Use both Git & Mercurial VCS and related branching model workflows

  • Create new templates in Magnolia or another content management system

  • Learn from and teach others on the team

  • Have direct client communication

  • Start projects from scratch and help us maintain existing projects

  • Build accessible high performance websites

  • Work with popular frameworks like foundation, bootstrap, React, Angular

  • Work on projects using minimal or no frameworks at all

You Bring

  • 3+ years of frontend development experience

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with clients, our sales team, designers and developers

  • Ability to work on multiple projects

  • A desire to lead people and technology choices

  • A positive attitude and sense of urgency

to Apply

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