Digital Media Manager

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Type: Full-Time, Permanent

Our client is a digital advertising agency looking for a Digital Media Manager (DMM) to join their team. Digital Media Managers manage the details of clients paid media buys: Lead digital media projects from kickoff to completion. Manage client’s media budgets and develop campaigns that drive the results clients need and expect. The DMM proactively monitors and optimizes campaigns to achieve the best results. You are an expert in delivering solutions that increase brand recognition, brand interaction, and ultimately deliver sales that add to the clients bottom line. The DMM will work with teams that provide ad copywriting and design as well as web UX, design & development.

Digital Media Managers deliver insights and identify opportunities for clients: The Digital Media Manager will be a driving force in solving client’s problems and implementing unique solutions. A successful DMM will be an expert communicator who can easily distill and present performance data in meaningful and easy to understand ways. You are comfortable presenting and are able to display strong command and expertise.

Digital Media Managers understand the latest trends in digital media buying: The Digital Media Manager will continually scan the media buy landscape to identify the best and most efficient ways to deliver traffic and meet clients individual goals. Continual experimentation and measurement of tools and platforms is an expectation as they strive to provide the best digital media buy experiences for customers. The DMM will be able to clearly present and persuade on the benefits and opportunities related to new trends.

The Digital Media Manager understands both the analytics and how to get at them. The DMM will be responsible for research, campaign set up and optimization, performance monitoring, and collection of the data for all underlying campaigns. Successful DMM’s will be able to pull all this information and deliver in clear, insightful and effective presentations.

You Bring:

  • Good written and spoken communication skills

  • Positive and motivated attitude

  • Provide a good client-facing experience but also provide a great internal team experience

  • Enjoy solving puzzles, educating others, and have strong attention to detail

  • Understand how to optimize Impressions


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